Rise Resort Residences
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A Journey of Rejuvenation!
Under the stars.
Life, at rise resort residences, is truly a bed of roses. here, you immerse yourself in an experience that’s bound to rejuvenate and refresh your mind, soul and body. a personal spa experience on your own bed, at your terrace, is something only a privileged few have access to. close your eyes, and drift off to a world where there’s no rush whatsoever. only the calm, and peace you always look for, at your own convenience.
Personal therapist!
for a better therapy sense
The experienced hands of your own personal spa therapist is just what you want after a hard day at work. your own masseur/therapist who works on you, would know the intricacies of your body, better than anyone. thus, assuring you of a relaxing spa session anytime you want. you are in good hands.
Rejuvenation meets convenience!
rooftop spa experience
Your own rooftop spa experience includes a brilliantly designed, international quality massage bed, so you don’t have to share it with strangers. It’s a dedicated thus hygienic bed only for you.
Services and Facilities!
Different types of massage
Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy hot stone therapy, Thai yoga massage, Ayurvedic abhyanga massage, Suvigraha shirodhara massage, Green tea scrub, Himalayan mist kalp vriksha pranayama, Vishram soundarya therapy for beauty.
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