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No Vehicles. No Pollution!
Just crystal clear environs
The moment you enter the premises of rise resort residences; your vehicle goes into a basement parking. in the entire project, you won’t see any vehicles. instead, you buy a golf cart, that’s built to perfection, and suited to your needs and desires. in the mood for a drive around the project, hop into your golf cart and zoom around. the project is built to the effect that it remains pollution-free and fresh, so that you can take a stroll with your loved ones, and your children can play around with their friends, or cycle around. the entire project is vehicle-free.
Customized to suit your preference!
You can choose the type of cart you want for yourself.
The golf carts are designed to suit individual taste. Thus, you can choose the type of cart you want for yourself. Right from the colour of the cart, to the design you want, choose it all in fact, if you have a larger family, you could opt for an 8-seater cart. if you are just a couple, you could go for a 2-seater cart. the carts are available in various configurations, so you could get one customized for yourself, just like you do for your cars. after all, the golf cart would be a representation of your personality.
Your cars are parked safe!
Don’t be worried about your cars
Driving around the project in your golf cart, don’t be worried about your cars. as they have their own personal space. that’s right, your cars are parked right beneath your home at rise resort residences, in a fully covered and brilliantly designed basement, with enhanced security and fresh air.
Range and Options!
All Colour Shades Available
  • Two Seater
  • Four Seater
  • Six Seater
  • Eight Seater
  • Ten Seater
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