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Your Personal Bon Appetite Moment!
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At Rise Resort Residences, whenever you wish to host a party or a gathering with your friends and loved ones on the rooftop, do it in style! Because here, you can just call the club-house and ask for a personal chef and butler service. So whether it’s a party or just a candlelight dinner with your beau, all you need to do is turn up at the terrace. And voila! Your taste buds shall be whetted by a chef who will cook up fresh gourmet cuisine for you and a butler who serves to perfection.
Rooftop dining at it's classic best!
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When was the last time you went to a rooftop dinner that you just had to walk to? Isn’t it wonderful to come out of the concrete for a while and enjoy a little gathering with your friends and family on a terrace with brilliant chefs cooking fresh goodies for you to savour, while well-educated butlers serve you your drinks and food.
Masters of the occasion, at your command!
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Host a grand celebration with panache. Our chefs and butlers are handpicked by our experts, and are masters of their crafts. Educated, English-speaking butlers with a fine sense and understanding of the occasion, shall cater to your every party need, and serve with elan’. While the master-chefs shall cook like a dream and whip up international-standard cuisines, with minimal fuss and effort.
Cuisines and Delights!
Enjoy the best cuisines and delights
  • Pan-Asian Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Continental Cuisine
  • French Cuisine
  • Fresh Italian Cooking
  • Live Tandoor
  • Live Salad Counters
  • Full Bar Services
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